About us

Hey there!!

Thanks for checking out our page. Based in New Zealand, we started using cloth with our wee girl back when she was 5 weeks old. We noticed a huge difference  changing from disposable nappies to cloth and what it meant for our family (especially with our waste). When talking to friends who use cloth and hearing what people needed from a nappy, we decided to create our range - “Tilly Tinkles”.
It has been a long time coming to get to launch date,  making sure we sourced all our products from reputable places to ensure quality.  One thing that is important to us is the relationship with our supplier and that have the same morals and values that we have and a good work environment and pay for those wonderful people sewing your cute wee cloth prints.
We trialled designs, created funky patterns, and tested our nappies on some cute wee bums to critique and  come up with a cloth nappy that all kinds of fashionista little ones will rock! Whether you are the next eco-warrior or starting off small, every nappy you change makes a difference. We hope that our range will help start or build your cloth addiction!!

Elissia, Sam and Tilly


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