Get that fit

It is really important with cloth nappies to get a good fit to make sure you do not get any surprises and your wee one stays nice and dry. It can be a tricky thing to master at first but after a couple of goes, you will be away. We have broken it down into 5 easy steps below to check and ensure a great fit.

Sometimes you just do not know what's going on, send us a picture or we can video chat and we can help you get the best fit for your wee one.

 1 -Getting the right size

All our shells are one size fits most (OSFM). This means you can snap them up super small for newborns right through to toddlers meaning you will only need that one shell to go between the years!!

The 4 rows of domes in the middle (rise snaps), they can snap down to make the length smaller.  The snap at the top is for the waist to be the correct size. 


2 - Body Position

Make sure the front of the cloth nappy is sitting slightly higher than the back, just covering the bum.
Then pull the waist wing out to the side, up towards your little one's head and then across the body and snap to the correct position on the waist snaps


3 -Good leg hole fit

Around the leg holes, pull the elastics right into the underwear line crease. This is an important step to check they are reasonably tight to avoid leaks and ensure your little one is comfortable. If they are causing red marks when changing watch they disappear after 20 min otherwise the shell is too tight and adjust accordingly 


4 - Tuck any excess

Next, if you have snapped together for a smaller fit, you must tuck all excess material upwards particularly around the snap line. this will help to avoid any unexpected leaks

5 - Waist Check

Around the tummy, however you want to make sure there is enough room/a wee gap for a couple of fingers. Not tight enough that there is a muffin top!! This allows for comfort when sitting up.